About Me

Born in Belgium, I immigrated by myself to the United States when I was in my early twenties.   I had finished three years of higher education at the University of Leuven(Louvain) in Belgium.

Once in the US,  I worked as a translator at the Belgian Consulate in Atlanta Georgia. Later, I came to the Bay area and worked as a legal assistant at Bank of America. 

After having worked for several years and saving sufficient funds to resume my education, I completed my BA at U.C. Berkeley and within a few years obtained my M.B.A. at the Haas Business School at U.C. Berkeley.

Having lived in Asia as well as South America, I am familiar and comfortable with various cultures.  Besides English, I speak Dutch, French, and Spanish.

At this point, I have been a realtor on the Peninsula for almost 30 years. Please review my testimonials. Thank you -------------